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My Personal Philosophy

I believe that the quality of life we experience is a direct reflection of how well we choose to treat each other, and I believe that within each of us, there is a desire to treat each other with fairness. 

Most people have become painfully aware in recent years how dysfunctional our healthcare system has become. According to a World Health Organization study completed in 2000, the United States spent more than any other nation in the world per citizen on healthcare, yet ranked behind 36 other nations in terms of overall health outcomes. Quality healthcare for most Americans has become even more expensive and less accessible since then. 

More doctors are weaning themselves from dependence on insurance reimbursements. The upside for these doctors is greater freedom to spend more time doctoring and less time chasing papers. A great deal of overhead goes into managing an insurance-based practice. By reducing this overhead, doctors can offer more reasonable rates and higher quality, more personalized care to their patients. In essence, doctors can treat their patients more fairly. 

It has become necessary for individuals to take more personal responsibility for their healthcare as more and more Americans continue to be priced out of the healthcare system. Fortunately, in many ways, this is easier than ever. The Internet has become a widely available and useful resource, both in terms of access to information, as well as in finding specialized professional help. 

Many health problems arise from poor lifestyle choices which -- with a little knowledge, self-discipline, and the right help  -- are often easily and inexpensively corrected.

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